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What We Need?

  • R&D Co-operations

    Transfer of technology, customizations, project assignments, OEM (original equipment manufacturing), investments and acquisitions.

  • CRO Services

    Clinical trials, consistency evaluations, BE (bio equivalent) research, prescription drugs into OTC services, registration of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

  • GMP Inspections

    Institution certifications, consultancy and inspection services such as GMP certifications, FDA certifications, EU certifications, WHO pre-certifications, PIC/S certifications and Halal certifications.

  • Market Research

    Industry surveys, regional market surveys, product surveys and specific company surveys.

  • Translations

    Professional translation services in relation to pharmaceuticals and medical devices which includes document translations, interpretations, simultaneous interpretations and localized services.

  • Logistics

    Credible logistics services with extensive experience in delivering drugs and medical devices, such as cold chain logistics.

Members' Voices

Our company is a surgical equipment supplier. Last year we tackled our first international venture with an Australian company. The whole process went smoothly until our partner asked for cold-chain transportation before delivering. As an inexperienced trading company in a small town, it was difficult to find a credible and professional logistics service provider in a short period of time. In the end we lost half our profits to meet our client's needs. Now, with Ddu who is striving to provide better services for us, things have been going much smoother and I believe that Ddu’s innovative services will be a great asset to the international medical trade.

——Wenzhou Meisheng Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

We met Ddu at the KIMES 2017 exhibition. Through them we were fortunate enough to find our ideal supplier, a vaccine exporting company in India! After testing and assessing their samples, we were pleased with all they had to offer and started, what we hope to be, a long term business relationship. We have also heard about Ddu’s fresh new approach and all their new developments and we are excited to be a part of them.

——NE Star Medtech Co., Ltd.

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