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Purchase Quantity: 50000 Box(es)

Date Posted: 2020-06-26

Shipment Terms: FOB

Sourcing Request From: Australia

Time Left: Expired

Payment Terms: L/C

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I am Mrs. Sandy, we are interested in ordering for medical products. Below is the list of medical products we want to buy:- Face mask, Surgical Mask, Glove, Goggle, Medical Protective Suits, Ventilator, Medical scales, Ice Pack, Ubertherm Ice Pack, Cervical collars, Adalid Ice Pack, Elasto-Gel Ice Wrap, Shoulder Immobilizer, Arm Sling Brace, Therapaq Ice Pack, Medical Arm Sling Shoulder Brace, Immobilizer Ban, wound care product, Knee Brace. Any Manafacturer or Supplier from any country in Asia, that have any of the products or all the products, kindly Send us your price list and catalog to our direct address:- bethesidersmedic@

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