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Country/Region: China
Purchase Quantity: 500 g(s)
Post time:2018-04-14
Valid to:2018-08-31

Sodium Cacodylate, Cobaltous Acetate

Country/Region: Bangladesh
Purchase Quantity: 25 Kg(s)
Post time:2018-07-03
Valid to:2018-08-17

Laboratory equipments

Country/Region: Tanzania
Purchase Quantity: Negotiable
Post time:2018-05-19
Valid to:2018-08-17

Blood sampling box

Country/Region: Pakistan
Purchase Quantity: Negotiable
Post time:2018-05-20
Valid to:2018-08-18

Biochemistry analyzer

Country/Region: Bangladesh
Purchase Quantity: Negotiable
Post time:2018-05-20
Valid to:2018-08-18

Blood roller mixer

Country/Region: Pakistan
Purchase Quantity: Negotiable
Post time:2018-05-21
Valid to:2018-08-19

PRP separator for clinical uses

Country/Region: Bangladesh
Purchase Quantity: Negotiable
Post time:2018-05-21
Valid to:2018-08-19

Esco thermocycler

Country/Region: Pakistan
Purchase Quantity: Negotiable
Post time:2018-05-21
Valid to:2018-08-19

Coagulation analyzer

Country/Region: Pakistan
Purchase Quantity: Negotiable
Post time:2018-05-22
Valid to:2018-08-20

Lifestyle libre Glucometer.

Country/Region: Pakistan
Purchase Quantity: 100 Piece(s)
Post time:2018-05-23
Valid to:2018-08-21

Fullyautomated immunoassy analyser

Country/Region: India
Purchase Quantity: Negotiable
Post time:2018-05-23
Valid to:2018-08-21

Infusion set production machine

Country/Region: Bangladesh
Purchase Quantity: 1 Piece(s)
Post time:2018-05-24
Valid to:2018-08-22


Country/Region: Libya
Purchase Quantity: Negotiable
Post time:2017-10-25
Valid to:2018-08-23

Cell counter Analysers

Country/Region: India
Purchase Quantity: Negotiable
Post time:2018-05-25
Valid to:2018-08-23

Cataract lenses

Country/Region: Pakistan
Purchase Quantity: 200 Piece(s)
Post time:2018-05-26
Valid to:2018-08-24

All pharmaceutical

Country/Region: Iran
Purchase Quantity: Negotiable
Post time:2017-10-26
Valid to:2018-08-24


Country/Region: India
Purchase Quantity: Negotiable
Post time:2018-06-01
Valid to:2018-08-30


Country/Region: India
Purchase Quantity: 24 Vial(s)
Post time:2018-07-17
Valid to:2018-08-31

rib retractor

Country/Region: Bangladesh
Purchase Quantity: Negotiable
Post time:2018-06-15
Valid to:2018-09-13

Mindray ultrasound

Country/Region: Namibia
Purchase Quantity: Negotiable
Post time:2018-06-16
Valid to:2018-09-14

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NASA Grant Approval for Visualdx to Devise Diagnostic Tool for Astronauts

Astronauts at the International Space Station are dependent upon telemedicine for all kinds of illness. However, according to Dr. Shannan Moynihan, the deputy chief of space and occupational medicine from the NASA Johnson Space Centre, although effective, telemedicine has its limits.

Company Insight NASA Telemedicine

Segmented Plates with Images made Kids Eat More Veggies

A longitudinal study found that children in preschool consumed greater amounts of vegetables when their plates were divided and printed with pictures of fruits and vegetables.

health tips Researches

4 Operating Tables and Their Features

Finding the right operating table for your hospital can be stressful with many factors to consider. The right one benefits not only patients but also surgeons, making surgical procedures and examinations simpler. Ddu ( the leading global pharmaceutical and medical devices B2B platform offers a variety of operating tables for sale to meet your needs.

Market Views surgery

Preview — Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Exhibitions in the Second Quarter of 2018

Ddu, the leading global pharmaceutical & medical device B2B online platform, plans to attend a number of major international pharmaceutical and medical device exhibitions in the second quarter of this year.

medical device pharmaceutical

Ddu’s International Medical Exhibition Attendance Delivering High Results

Ddu, the leading global pharmaceutical & medical device B2B online platform, is currently attending global exhibitions, leaving its footprints at multiple word-class medical trade shows in South Korea, India, Chongqing (China), Turkey and the United States.

Medtec China medical device

China International Medical Devices Exhibition 2018

After successfully holding nineteen sessions’ exhibition, CMEH has experienced rapid development over the past years and has now become one of the largest international medical equipment fair.

medical device CMEH

China’s Import and Export Market Report of Vitamins

Vitamins are trace organic substances that humans and animals must obtain from food to maintain normal physiological functions. They play an important role in human growth, metabolism, and development.


China’s Import and Export Market Report of Antiallergic Drugs

Allergies, also known as allergic diseases, are a number of conditions caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system to something in the environment that usually causes little or no problems to most people.

antiallergic drugs

China’s Import and Export Market Report of Contraceptive Drugs

Research by the World Health Organization has shown that“Physically, it is much more difficult to stop the production of millions of sperm per day for men than to prevent women from releasing an egg every month.

Contraceptive Drugs

3 Video Laryngoscopes to Look Out for

With the advent of video laryngoscopes, much of how intubations are done has changed. Medical personnel are now able to get a better view of airway structures thanks to the help of videolaryngoscopy.

Company Insight Emergency medical devices medtech

First Aid Equipment Purchasing Tips for ICU Ventilators and Syringe Pumps

A healthy body is the premise for our normal state. However, due to unhealthy lifestyles, genetic issues or unpredictable accidents, we might end up in an emergency situation which requires immediate attention. Hence, under these circumstances, first aid equipment could be the key to saving a life.

first aid equipment Market Views

Tips for Purchasing Medical Ultrasonic Instruments

Medical ultrasonic instruments are widely applied to clinical, diagnostic and many other medical fields by utilizing the principle of ultrasound. As a milestone in medical technology development, lots of barriers have been broken in regards to the process of medical diagnosis and treatment.

Market Views medical device products ultrasound


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