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Post Date: 2018-04-13

Valid to: 2018-12-31

Product Composition: 1.ECG Recorder:Using to collect electrocardiosignal then transfer them to mobile device. 2.Mobile-side software:Using to check, reserve and send electrocardiosignal . 3. Disposable ECG electrodes:Connect the human body and ECG Recorder while checking chest, also monitor cardiac function with ECG Recorder. 4.Mobile Device(Offer by users:Smart phone or tablet PC, Which can be installed application. By using the product properly, you can: 1.Collect and reserve electrocardiosignal. 2.Check history records, share or send to other people. Scope of applicaiton:To collect, record and save human dynamic single electrocardiosignal data, not including the function of automatic analysis and diagnosis.

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