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How Central, East Africa’s tech renaissance is shaping its healthcare future

From blood delivery by drone to open-source EHRs, innovators are tackling the health needs and special challenges of the region with technology.

Africa healthcare

Boost your Health with these Healthcare Products & Food Additives Suppliers

Healthcare products that are taken as supplements to enhance the health of consumers and food additives added to food products to enhance their taste, smell or preserve them are made available to customers on Ddu ( from the most reliable healthcare products & food additives suppliers.

Company Insight Healthcare products

World Immunization Week 2019

Theme: #VaccinesWork World Immunization Week – celebrated in the last week of April – aims to promote the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against disease. Immunization saves millions of lives every year and is widely recognized as one of the world’s most successful and cost-effective health interventions.

vaccine WHO

Preview — Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Exhibitions in the Second Quarter of 2018

Ddu, the leading global pharmaceutical & medical device B2B online platform, plans to attend a number of major international pharmaceutical and medical device exhibitions in the second quarter of this year.

medical device pharmaceutical

Ddu’s International Medical Exhibition Attendance Delivering High Results

Ddu, the leading global pharmaceutical & medical device B2B online platform, is currently attending global exhibitions, leaving its footprints at multiple word-class medical trade shows in South Korea, India, Chongqing (China), Turkey and the United States.

Medtec China medical device

China International Medical Devices Exhibition 2018

After successfully holding nineteen sessions’ exhibition, CMEH has experienced rapid development over the past years and has now become one of the largest international medical equipment fair.

medical device CMEH

China’s Import and Export Market Report of Vitamins

Vitamins are trace organic substances that humans and animals must obtain from food to maintain normal physiological functions. They play an important role in human growth, metabolism, and development.


China’s Import and Export Market Report of Antiallergic Drugs

Allergies, also known as allergic diseases, are a number of conditions caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system to something in the environment that usually causes little or no problems to most people.

antiallergic drugs

China’s Import and Export Market Report of Contraceptive Drugs

Research by the World Health Organization has shown that“Physically, it is much more difficult to stop the production of millions of sperm per day for men than to prevent women from releasing an egg every month.

Contraceptive Drugs

Ddu College: Important Registration Regulations for Exporting Health Care Products to Vietnam

With the continuous improvement of living standards in recent years, the Vietnamese people’s demands for healthcare products have increased significantly. Compared with others, Vietnamese acceptance of healthcare products is later than most other countries.

biopharmaceutical Policies Vietnam

Things to Know before Buying Newborn Baby Incubators

A baby incubator is the most vital devices in every pediatric and obstetrics hospital as it provides a warm and safe environment for newborns and specifically for premature or sick babies who require special care.

baby incubators medical device Researches

Disposable Medical Products that Keep Your Medical Facility Clean and Sterile

A lot of emphases is placed on medical devices and equipment necessary for ensuring the well-being of patients, and rightly so. There are however medical products that are often overlooked, but essential to every medical institution. These are the tool that keeps your medical facility sterile and safe, the cleanroom wipes and disposable mop covers.

Market Views medical disposables


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