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Electrosurgical Pencil and Electrosurgical Pad

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Post Date: 2018-08-25

Valid to: 2018-11-25

Electrosurgical Pencil OBS Electrosurgical Pencil is designed in streamlined shape with lightness character. The pencil has the functions of cut and coagulation, and has the modes of button switch, rocker switch and foot switch control . The functions and modes are distinguished by different colors. The seal up design endues the inside circuit board with excellent waterproof property. Ergonomics lightweight design,strong material and humanized skidproof design make the operator more comfortable during operation. It will give full scope to perfect function of the pencil to use together with various OBS stainless steel electrodes, Non-stick coating electrodes and tungsten filament electrodes. Range of Using : *Match to various types of Electrosurgical Unit. Model: D, R Product Characte: *Operator will control easily for the light material and humanized outline design *Waterproof design reduces the risk of electric shock to the lowest *Long cable and strong copper core ensure the OBS Electrosurgical Pencil with excellent conductivity and security. *Available in push button, rocker switch and foot control configurations Electrosurgical pad Rang of Usin: Match with Electrosurgical Generator, Radio Frequency Generator and Other High Frequency Equipments. Product Character: *Foam and Non-woven fabric backing materials make the adherence more comfortable. *The conductive gel of safety design covers over the edge of the metal foil to make more safe.

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