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Photoredox Catalysts

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Post Date: 2017-11-08

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Found in 2016, the SYNLED Co., LTD is aiming to develop the LED and Photoredox Catalysts and Photosynthesis related equipments and till now, we became the first company in this region which was focused on this field. \r\nThe SYNLED Co., LTD was set up by Professor David Nicewicz from The North California University (USA) and Professor Yong Huang from Peking University. Our company possess overseas high-level talents as the main team and we had set up our goal to build an international forefront platform and breakthroughs in blue-ray catalytic methods and techniques.\r\nBusiness Scope:\r\nPhotoredox Catalysts (applicable in organic synthesis and pharmaceutical enterprise); Photoredox Catalysis Equipments; Design new techniques related to photo redox towards organic synthesis region; synthesis of intermediates, etc.

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